What Does the Evidence Say About the Origin of Coronavirus – COVID-19?

There have been some, particularly right-wing, propaganda claims about the origins of the coronavirus. Along with those individuals and outlets going with the mainstream narrative – coming from government and corporate entities – that are suggesting the virus originated in a Chinese market, there are also claims of it originating in a Chinese lab and being a bio-weapon. These usually imply that it is a Chinese weapon that had leaked from the lab, although this suggestion would not totally rule out the assumption that it could have been an intentional attack. Some of these same right-wing sources from alternative sites, along with the ones in the mainstream media, also point to a Chinese cover-up and disinformation with regard to deaths, sickness, and origins.

Some of these early theories were connected to a Canadian lab and viruses being taken to China. Some of the alternative sources even point to the Chinese lab in opposition to the mainstream narrative, acknowledging even the U.S. history of bioweapons. However, there is also what I feel is a lot more reasonable view that the origin was actually the U.S. The overall evidence suggests not only the correctness of that view but almost necessitates that scenario as what actually took place. Regardless of the specifics of that scenario and without access to first hand and largely classified and secret information concerning the exact operations that took place, there is still enough evidence to produce a timeline of sorts that suggests a particular playing out of events.

As discussed in a longer blog post – dealing with other issues regarding starting this website and projects I’ve been working on personally – my interests in the issue of the coronavirus came after being put out for about a week with an illness with very similar symptoms to COVID-19. This took place in late February which also corresponds with when, for example, Mardi Gras took place. Louisiana (particularly New Orleans) is now, as is known by those following the issue, an epicenter for the impact of coronavirus. There have also been other events such as a Georgia funeral that sparked cases in the area around the same time.

With this site being, in part, dedicated to black issues, particularly the role of U.S. entities in targeting the black community, a lot can be drawn from the fact that there is (has been and is going to continue to be) a huge impact from this virus on the black community. We have seen the cumulative effects of centuries of white supremacist policy, institutions, and ideology, create a situation wherein every major event sees the negative consequences targeted either intentionally or in effect at the black community. This particular situation is one where the health, income, wealth, and others from the long list of disparities, plays a role in making for even more devastation. Complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, asthma/other respiratory issues, etc., serve as pre-existing conditions that can see a mild case of coronavirus sickness turn into serious life-threatening scenarios. That reality, when including lack of healthcare/insurance, inclusion in medical professions (lack of black doctors), lack of ownership and control of medical and health institutions, lack of access to equipment, hospitals, personnel, etc., can turn this situation into an extremely deadly one for the black community.

This becomes even more gloomy when looking at other surrounding circumstances. There has been, for example, the recent reports suggesting that in February, exactly the week prior to some of the cases mentioned above, including when I became sick, the American intelligence community was not only well aware of the threat coronavirus could have but was aware of (if not involved with) white supremacist groups plotting to intentionally infect people. In addition, the Byron Allen and Comcast case that was brought to the Supreme Court over issues of racial discrimination, specifically, saw a decision, almost snuck in, within the midst of coronavirus related events, including mass shutdowns. A case like that is a unique decision in being a unanimous one that saw liberal justices, who have traditionally sided with the rights of protected groups, side with the conservative (see:pro-corporate and right-wing) majority in totally shredding the rights of black Americans in moving forward with discrimination cases, which while in a crisis that has extreme implications regarding the prevalence of racism/white supremacy represents a dangerous precedent.

The overall timeline and actions raise serious questions.

The narrative has this coronavirus starting November-December (roughly – December in a lot of mainstream, U.S. reports) in China with reports citing a food market in Wuhan (a lot of the subsequent reports, especially from those outside of the mainstream, U.S. narrative questioned the market as the source). There were subsequent individuals sounding an alarm of sorts about a potential SARS-like virus causing similar symptoms. This included a medical professional who would be contacted regarding his actions potentially breaking laws and causing a huge stir over the issue – he eventually died and there were calls to start an investigation. Later reports would say that the virus originated in bats and potentially an intermediate carrier to humans (more on this later).

Late December, looking at the 31st, was when the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) said there were cases of “pneumonia of unknown cause” in China. The first reports of death were from January 11th.

Surrounding the time of the first U.S. case, 21st, on the 23rd and 30th, there were reports of lockdown in Wuhan with aggressive Chinese measures to contain, followed by a W.H.O. declaration of a global health emergency. There have been questions about China handling the issue; however, China handled the issue, and now it is the U.S. and other places overtaking in deaths and cases, even despite the U.S. issues with testing. If anything, regardless of it even being said to come out of China, after China reacted strongly first, the U.S. already had the example of China, at a minimum, to then seriously handle the situation.

Back to late February and early March in the U.S., there were a growing number of cases, which corresponds with the increased testing and finding individuals not connected to travel. It was originally reported that the virus was coming out of China, with no to little cases spread across the U.S. I was not ready for something like this coronavirus and COVID-19 with the public information and media saying there were not any cases anywhere near where I live, and that there were low cases in the U.S. overall. It was called a public health emergency; however, that was mainly tied to those restrictions that were put in place surrounding travel and China, where they said the virus was coming from. That, at the time, would have seemed enough, if things were as reported.

However, as has since been reported, a major fact was the CDC’s failure to provide widespread and accurate testing. In addition to not either producing or obtaining tests, there were limits place on testing. Despite the lifting of certain restrictions, these obstacles still have not fully lifted.

Following the attempts at stabilizing the economy and anticipation of the economic issue to come, now that testing was starting to be somewhat available, Trump declared a national emergency on March 13, with the CDC warning against large gatherings on the 15th. On the 17th there were reports in all U.S. states of confirmed cases.

The situation had China reporting no new domestic infections on March 18, but the situation was very rapidly escalating in the U.S., including at all levels of government, down to state and local, which took extreme measures of quarantining and putting large sections of the economy on hold. Yet, despite still having an issue with tests, the quick escalation led to the U.S. having more known cases than any other country by the end of March (currently).

How could this be? How could the richest and most powerful country in the world go from a pre-warning to the highest number of cases? Let’s look at some of the events.

In addition to the CDC totally dropping the ball with testing, there was also questionable information related to wearing masks, and despite knowing the asymptomatic individuals could pass the virus, there was a push to downplay how big of an impact those individuals had or could have in spreading the virus. These facts worked to entirely erase any potential evidence for outbreaks and sources of outbreaks in the U.S., as well as any true data on the situation with the virus in America. A Chinese official charged the U.S. with bringing the virus to China. In his tweet, he related it to military games held in Wuhan in October of 2019 (October 18-27).

Showing up around mid-2019, there was also a spike in the number of cases of pneumonia in the U.S. It was said to peak in September. Unlike in China, there were no doctors taking this mysterious health impact as being related to a new virus. Instead, in the U.S., this was blamed on vaping. It is interesting to note that it has also been recently reported that vaping can exacerbate the impact of this coronavirus.

According to certain articles, there was not a similar rate or connected sickness from vaping last year when America saw its problem. It also has to be considered that particularly a rise in flu and pneumonia in the U.S., including deaths, and especially with older individuals, could have gone unreported due to diagnosis and guidelines or simply reported but attributed to flu, pneumonia, or related complications. Anecdotally, there have been several individuals where I live, including family members, who have been contracting illnesses with similar symptoms, while testing negative for the flu. This has mostly been mid-age and younger, and a lot recovered. There have also been similar stories of individuals that I have read about online. To reiterate the point, once coronavirus testing was at least somewhat available individuals were still denied testing despite going to the doctor’s office and/or emergency room with symptoms similar to COVID-19. This seems to have been a widespread occurrence across the country.

Even USA Today, when “fact-checking” claims about earlier cases in the U.S. concluded that more evidence was needed. A lot of evidence, particularly due to the impossible level of incompetence and failure displayed by the C.D.C., which points to intentional behavior, has been washed. So, many more people could have been warned about the virus, spreading the virus, and cases of the virus, if measures that already existed with other countries, could have been implemented in the U.S.

There were reports concerning the intelligence communities’ involvement in monitoring the situation that starting coming out way after the fact – or, at least, to the mainstream public. Certain warnings to committees, for example, led to the selling of stock by some in Congress. There were also significant reports made concerning white supremacist groups being involved in spreading the virus, well before the general population was even aware of and/or concerned with the issue. Warnings surrounding these issues would be automatically expected in any society looking to protect its citizens. For example, one of the intelligence reports about white supremacist plans for spreading the virus came from February 17-24, which happens to be just one week prior to when I became sick and started developing symptoms. If the intelligence community knew of this and the coronavirus from the beginning, reporting on the issue could have caused more serious vigilance on the part of myself and others.

The economy was mentioned above, and that definitely serves as a domestic indicator pointing to suspicious timing. There was the stock market falling and the subsequent slowing down of the economy, a loosening of the federal reserve to quantitative easing and initiation of a bailout plan with the federal government stepping in with the largest in history (larger than the one Obama had following 2008 collapse – where he was recommended to get more), etc.

Another strange timing issue is with the rigging of the primary against Bernie Sanders and the surprising (or not so surprising) “miraculous” comeback that Joe Biden was enjoying contradicting history on how presidential primaries usually advance.

There were also reports that came out in 2017 concerning the re-opening of studies on viruses to make them more contagious and infectious. A scientist, by The New York Times, was quoted as warning that the studies “have given us some modest scientific knowledge and done almost nothing to improve our preparedness for pandemics, and yet risked creating an accidental pandemic.” Around July and August of 2019, right around the same time that there was a huge increase in cases that were eventually blamed on vaping, there was also the shutting down of the lab at Fort Detrick. That lab was also working on viruses and biological related materials.

Other reports went against ideas of this virus being created and spreading in a Chinese lab; however, important factors are ignored, such as the fact the study cites rather nonsensical conjecture about the nature of how viruses can and would be manipulated. It mentions natural selection, as opposed to computer-aided genetic engineering, when the genetic mutation of viruses can very effectively be facilitated in a lab, and such manipulation is extremely consistent with previous research into how biological weapons containing viruses were generated as far back as the 50s. The location and type of bats known to have coronavirus that can mutate into something like SARS was known from the research on SARS. SARS and similar viruses were available, as well, for study, even if not used as the basis for the new coronavirus. Another thing is the mentioning of coronaviruses existing that do not become infectious in humans. That is known, and it is known as being the case with other viruses, as well as it is known that with the mutation of viruses, it can, or even more often than not, produce a negative effect, not an effect of becoming a stronger, more infectious, and more contagious virus, particularly to humans.

All of what would be necessary for the coronavirus causing COVID-19 to have arisen other than what was given as the “official” narrative was shown and cited. What I don’t think was cited was another study on coronavirus related to SARS showed potential for human infection. The report denying the plausibility of an alternative basically came down to what was “parsimonious” in the minds of those behind the study. The necessary scenarios for a lab situation were said to be “not previously…described”, but depending on the nature of the work, such as top secret, intelligence or military-related projects, the work might be expected to not be reported and kept “top secret/classified”.

There is also the issue of location and transmission, as well as the virus itself. The Wuhan-based virologist Shi Zhengli, who worked to discover bats with SARS related viruses, initially was confused by the events in China. When contacted about the situation, she stated that she “never expected this kind of thing to happen in Wuhan, in central China.” She also said that she wondered if the virus “could…have come from our lab?” The labs located in Wuhan close to where the outbreak was and said to have originated at a marked fueled the theories behind this being a case of a bioweapon and escape from a Chinese lab (the theory rejected by the above-mentioned study). The “bat women” as she is called – from her experience studying the issue related to SARS – saw the greatest risk for a new outbreak in areas of Guangdong, Guangxi, and Yunnan, which are located quite a distance from where the outbreak took place and was mostly isolated to in Wuhan. Another issue was the reports, including one that was criticized and withdrawn stating similarities between HIV and Ebola, also claiming (in the withdrawn report) that opposite of the conclusion of the above report rejecting lab scenarios and seeing natural occurrence and transmission as the only plausible, saying instead that the nature of the virus in connection to those other viruses were suspiciously coincidental.

Even beyond the historical examples of the U.S. dealing with biological weapons, including the suspicion surrounding HIV, Ebola, cancer, etc., the complete lack of serious response to this coronavirus in the U.S. is a problem. It also does not help that groups along with Bill Gates and his foundation were involved in Event 201 in October 2019 in prep for a pandemic.

Regardless of how the virus emerged, the U.S. government and mainstream media’s narrative needs to be questioned. The circumstances that I started with at the beginning of my mission to establish an agenda to counter capitalist and white supremacist interests and institutions – within the U.S. and globally – has totally changed following the events and current reality I described above.

Austin Mayle

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