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Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

In the global struggle for human rights, The Eleatic is a news, media and educational site created by me (Austin Mayle) to combine radical elements and revolutionary ideas around education, organization and advocacy.

This site is a way for me to accumulate revolutionary ideas and resources in the form of the following: educational resources surrounding the history of colonization and black liberation in the US, particularly around the ideas and works of individuals like W.E.B. Du Bois, Malcolm X and groups like the Black Panthers; educational resources surrounding a theoretical framework, analysis of society and critique of ideology, centered around philosophy (especially Hegelian), political-economy (especially Marxian) and psychoanalysis (especially related to the ideas of Freud and Lacan); media in the form of articles, news, interviews, videos and other posts, covering everything from popular culture, to sports, to politics and religion, as well as in-depth articles related to the above social, educational and theoretical ideas.

It is particularly of interest, to me, to maintain a perspective addressing black issues and the ongoing struggle for black liberation in America. To provide a black-owned, controlled and directed media, educational and organizing effort, from the grassroots. Toward education, this involves combining elements of “Western thought and philosophy” with actual and revolutionary, black struggle, as is properly illustrated in works by Du Bois, such as his analysis of Reconstruction in Black Reconstruction, or Frantz Fanon’s analysis of the process of colonization/decolonization in Wretched of the Earth.

About the goals:

The objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • Global Human Rights & Political Advocacy
  • Public Awareness & Education
  • Community Service & Organizing


Currently, a central project is petitioning the United Nations as a means of internationalizing the atrocities being committed against black Americans as an issue of human rights.

Another central project, connected with the first, is fighting for reparations for black Americans. This is an issue, I feel, must include the framing of the issue as centuries of crimes committed against black Americans that continue to this day: from Slavery to Mass Incarceration. These atrocities must be treated like crimes and the perpetrators like criminals.

Founding Principles


The following are the founding principles, in line with beliefs and goals:

  • INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS Fighting for liberation globally, but with a particular interest in the colonized status of black Americans. Recognizing that colonized status as having continually led to what amounts to a historical pattern of state-led, perpetuated and reinforced human rights atrocities. Crimes that we understand fall under the international jurisdiction of the United Nations and World Court as high crimes against humanity and that must be dealt with accordingly.


  • SELF-DETERMINATION An understanding of the right of all peoples to freely pursue, engage in and control, their own political, economic, social and cultural interests and development, as well as to freely control and dispose of their natural wealth and resources without theft or interference.


  • SELF-DEFENSE Support for the right of all, particularly colonized peoples, to fight for liberation and self-determination by any and all available and necessary means.


  • DECOLONIZATION Recognition and ending of the status and situation of all colonized peoples, including those of African decent living in the United States and elsewhere under various capitalist, imperialist, neo-colonial, fascists or otherwise labeled or interpreted forms of oppression that deny their inherent rights to self-determination.


  • ANTI-CAPITALISM Recognition of the fact that a primary (if not the primary) driver and/or an inextricable and indistinguishable factor of white supremacy is/has been the rise and expansion of global capitalist exploitation. An understanding that the freedom of all people is the freedom from capitalist exploitation and accumulation. And an understanding that black liberation is that same freedom. Thus, the ultimate understanding of the need for global working-class unity.


  • ANTI-WHITE SUPREMACY An understanding that black liberation and the defeating of white supremacist ideology is the same as liberation for all people. Understanding the primacy of black liberation, in both the fight against global capitalism and imperialism and for the liberation of all people globally.


  • ANTI-IMPERIALISM An understanding of the role and need to put an end to the U.S. Empire and its allies’ global war of dominance and hegemony against poor and working-class individuals and communities across the globe. A recognition of the connection between the struggles in the U.S. and these global struggles.


  • PAN-AFRICANISM The need to connect, engage and unify all liberation struggles of those of African descent living on the continent itself and throughout the diaspora.


  • WORKING-CLASS POLITICS The need for the workers of the world to unite in their education, organization and revolutionary struggles.


  • AFROCENTRICISM/CRITIQUE OF IDEOLOGY The need for a dialectical critique and analysis of the ideology of dominant white society; and for a fundamental education and understanding from the perspective of the lives, struggles, histories and cultures of those of both indigenous African descent and in the diaspora.


  • REPARATIONS In addition to the need for the recognition, ending and bringing justice to the situation of black Americans, and others throughout the world suffering similar conditions, we recognize the need for repayment for centuries of stolen wealth and subjection to the various and atrociously violent crimes against humanity that have been (and are currently) being committed. As part of comprehensive reparations, we strive to see that those guilty of such injustices incur proper criminal punishment; that adequate forms and amounts of payments be made; that proper efforts of reconciliation are made; and the mechanisms be put in place to ensure against the future occurrence of such actions.

— Austin Mayle, The Eleatic



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