About education and educational resources.

Educational Pages & Resources

In this section, I will try to provide as many educational resources and helpful posts as I can. There are pages dedicated to black history, philosophy, political-economy and psychoanalysis. There is also a page for general, educational resources.

Each one of these sections has related blogs to keep up with articles and post related specifically to that subject.

In the black history section, starting out, I will mostly provide resources and links to black history related and/or relevant to the United States;  however, as a general goal of the site, I hope to connect those struggles to global struggles against imperialism and capitalism. Moving forward, I would hope to provide more history on black liberation and colonialism outside of the U.S.

The philosophy section will be centered around modern philosophy, mostly concerning the ideas of philosophers like Descartes, Spinoza and particularly Hegel. Also, as the name of the site implies, ancient philosophy as expounded by Plato in Parmenides. The main purpose will be related to an understanding and the importance of dialectic for proper and in-depth analysis of social issues as those that impact us all today.

The political-economic section will cover the works and ideas of Karl Marx and other Marxists and Marxian political-economists. In addition to critique of political-economy from the perspective of an analysis of capitalist society and related ideology, I will also cover topics related to socialists and communist movements and ideas.

The section on psychoanalysis will mostly cover the works and ideas related to Sigmund Freud and other psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, philosophers and social theorists influenced by such ideas.

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