Separation Versus Integration Series Conclusion; My Path to Starting the Website; Impact and Reality of Coronavirus/COVID-19 (Blog Post)

I started working on this series in February (2020) along with other projects that were to be posted during Black History Month. This was very shortly after establishing The Eleatic website (late January) for the purpose of sharing information and historical knowledge, and to educate people and provide resources related to philosophy, psychoanalysis, political economy, and black history. The goal of this site was to focus on media and information designed to properly frame historical issues and present-day thinking with regard to black liberation, especially concerning the situation of black Americans and with ideas rooted in an anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, and pan-African, radical tradition. This series, specifically, in addition to my pages/posts concerning the History of Black Liberation and ColonizationTimeline of Violence, 20th Century Targeting, and Historial Notes – was designed to provide history, sources, documentation, analysis, and everything else, necessary toward a proper understanding of a present-day, American movement for black liberation and human rights, specifically within the context of historical situations that can provide meaningful information as to prudent tactics and movements.

There is a great amount of information that is provided in this series. I wasn’t expecting for it to provide what it does from either a historical perspective or in terms of what has been documented. With regard to the contentions, a lot has been shown about how they actually played out and what ideas were involved. With this series, I originally sought, simply, to reiterate the points I made in my video on the same issues; however, after having researched the various contentions that were part of the discussions – Part 1: American Colonization Society vs. Abolitionists; Part 2: Washington vs. Du Bois; Part 3: Garvey vs. Du Bois; Part 4: the N.A.A.C.P. vs. Du Bois; and Part 5: Mainstream Civil Rights/King vs. the N.O.I./Malcolm – I learned significantly more than I thought I would.

In addition to how much I’ve learned, since starting the series, major world events have taken place, specifically related to the coronavirus/COVID-19. A lot has changed in the world since starting. The first case of the virus in the U.S. was said to have been on January 15 in Washington state. At that point, following the reports, there were very few cases, and it was not even remotely on my radar as I was working on projects going back to summer 2019.

What led me to starting the website?

For some background, I started drafting an outline around August of 2019 for what eventually became the human rights and reparations petition available under the category of campaigns on this site. It was also the beginning of the work I did for the sources and timelines available as a part of the History of Black Liberation and Colonization project/pages. Originally, I was following what Antonio Moore (Tone Talks) and Yvette Carnell (Breaking Brown) were doing with #ADOS and reparations. That was in late July/August. However, prior to that, to provide some context, I was working on my YouTube channel Parmenides of YouTubes.

For the past five years, or so, I have worked to help build a small, family business. The business is operated with the help of my other family members, but most and close to all of the work is done by me. It is the busiest during the summers, so during breaks in the winter when we shut almost completely down, I have been using that as an opportunity to build, learn, develop intellectually, and to develop a platform. Over the first couple of years – this was the first time in my life having access to a cell phone/smartphone, which was the business phone – I used the opportunity to study. This was sparked prior to the start of the business with my experience with atheism and interest in YouTube videos, starting with Christopher Hitchens, and moving to Noam Chomsky, and then Slavoj Zizek. I developed a further left-leaning ideological disposition. By the time of starting the business, I was thoroughly radical, and I was becoming increasingly interested, especially influenced by Zizek and guys like David Harvey, to start actually reading text, as opposed to just thinking of the reading as irrelevant information that I would already know or something I could get out of just watching videos and documentaries.

Once I began to read, I started with Plato, because I wanted to work my way up to reading Hegel and then Marx’s Capital following along with David Harvey’s YouTube series on Reading Capital. I managed to read the complete works of Plato and some of the works of Aristotle. I took some time, at one point, to read classic text such as from Homer, Hesiod, and Greek plays from individuals like Sophocles. I included in my reading, as well, the Bible (Old and New Testaments) and the Quran. I read works (or parts of works) from Francis Bacon, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and David Hume; but, I especially focused on reading those from the rationalist/idealist tradition, such as René Descartes and Baruch Spinoza. I read Kant (mainly Critique of Pure Reason), prior to finally achieving my major goal of reading Hegel (Science of Logic, Phenomenology, and Philosophy of Right) and Marx’s Das Kapital (three volumes). After this, I would go on to read a significant portion of the works of Sigmund Freud, while also reading a little of Lacan.

Following this educational experience of developing a significant rooting in an understanding of ancient Greek philosophy, modern philosophy, and political economy, as well as religion and psychoanalysis, I wanted to start providing my own insights, sharing information, and educating others. I was especially motivated by the fact that I felt I gained an extensive and higher-level understanding of dialectic, specifically with an understanding of Hegel’s work, which is often seen as completely cryptic, written off as nonsense, considered way too difficult even to read (let alone understand), etc. I found that a lot of information about Hegel was so far off to at times being almost intentionally incorrect. I also felt my understanding of Hegel had a tremendous impact on my ability to understand Marx’s work on capitalism and the psychoanalytic work of Freud. All of this together, I felt, gave me a very keen ability to analyze both historical and current events. I wanted to share all of this.

That would cover the years from about 2013-2015 with 2016 marking a very important event in history with the Democratic/Presidential primary of that year, which I followed very closely. The next year, 2017, was when I would look to start my Parmenides of YouTubes page, which is named after both a notable, ancient Greek philosopher and a Platonic dialogue by the same name. My first videos were on capitalism and posted in February of 2018. Following the summer of 2018, in October, I wanted to practice my video editing skills while also trying to get enough followers and views for YouTube monetization to do other videos (YouTube cut monetization). I began making Lance Stephenson videos that were fun and entertaining; however, my next project would be a documentary on Eazy-E and Tupac that would have an incredible impact on me, and that would be the beginning of the work I’m doing now.

The documentary was The Gangsta Rap Prestige – The Complete and True Story of the Rise of NWA, Death Row and the Deaths of Eazy-E and Tupac Shakur. In addition to my own commentary, the final videos utilized a cut-up of interviews available from various sources online – mostly YouTube – regarding the connected situations. The clips were pieced together to tell the story in a way that detailed the situation in an extremely insightful way that I felt would hopefully allow people to, themselves, piece together the reality of what actually happened in the careers/lives of Eazy and Pac. This is in the face of disinformation such as about Eazy dying of AIDS and Pac dying in a gang-related drive-by shooting perpetrated by Orlando Anderson. In reality, much was done by individuals working with/for Sony and other large corporations such as Time Warner, MCA, Interscope, and others, to gain control over rap music, particularly by attacking and taking the artists off of Eazy’s label, Ruthless Records, which represented one of extremely fast growth and potential. At the time with N.W.A. The D.O.C., and others, mostly produced by Dr. Dre, producing massive hits and gaining mainstream appeal for rap music. These same entities, including up to the federal government, were also connected with situations involving Tupac Shakur. During his life, Tupac faced extreme targeting, as was shown by John Potash in F.B.I. War Against Tupac, and also in his Drugs as Weapons Against Us. These situations are covered extensively in my documentary. The entirety of the overall situation resulted in the assassinations of Eazy and Tupac.

Pac’s death and targeting led me into more studies of his Black Panther background and noticing how seriously the Panthers were targeted and how extremely similar the COINTELPRO methods were to how Tupac was targeted. However, one of the things, particularly around Eazy’s death, was the mystery of what actually caused his death. Doing that research led me to a book called Dr. Mary’s Monkey, as well as Me and Lee and a documentary done by the history channel called The Men Who Killed Kennedy. That gave me two very important pieces of information related to the entities and motivations surrounding the Kennedy assassination, as well as information concerning government involved conspiracy and operations to create and utilize tactics against both American citizens and foreign leaders including chemical and biological weapons. As a part of the latter, the issue was presented as to the connection between particular experiments with viruses (during the Kennedy/pre-Kennedy era) and subsequent cases of rising levels of cancer, HIV/AIDS, and related illnesses, epidemics, pandemics, etc.

I finished the last part of the eight-part documentary on May 15, 2019, and I was able to post an overview of some of the entities involved on August 4, 2019. With a fresh understanding of police and military intelligence and their targeting of black leaders, which came from the extensive research required for filling all of the gaps and developing a script/timeline for the documentary, I started focusing more on those issues. Focusing more on those issues, in addition to the upcoming 2020 election year, led me to follow the #ADOS and reparations movement. It was especially revealing to me how much of a connection the events related to Tupac, Eazy, and 90s rap/hip hop generally, had in connection with both historical targeting of black leaders, as well as in connection with the new era of Mass Incarceration. To think, for example, that at the same time the Crime Bill was being passed, and Eazy and Pac were being targeted either for assassination or marginalization within the industry, they were both working toward goals opposite to that. Eazy was actually starting to gain more of an understanding of the impact of his music on others, while simultaneously trying to build Ruthless into a black-owned, entertainment giant with huge control of the rap music industry. Pac was actually working on an entire agenda to politicize street gangs, to end gang violence through peace treaties, and to organize communities to provide opportunities and positive engagement.

This understanding gave me tremendous insight into connecting the issues of those movements, and ones of today, with movements like the Black Liberation Movement of the 60s-70s that Tupac had roots in, as well as connecting the era of Mass Incarceration with the way the era of the Civil Rights Movement ended in the deaths of leaders like King, Malcolm, Hampton, etc., in addition to the imprisonment and exile.

Once I started to get involved following #ADOS, I would try, unsuccessfully to reach out to the leaders. I first tried to reach out to Yvette Carnell/Breaking Brown on Twitter, with no response, in an attempt to question what kind of movement was being built and what kind of strategy was being implemented toward reparations. I would eventually join the #ADOS Facebook page.

Just as I described above with philosophy, I started reading again, but this time with text related to black history. Originally, I started to consider pathways for reparations; but, specifically, after seeing the crimes related to my research for the documentary, I started to question ways related to getting both a punishment for crimes and preventing the behavior. That led me to the previous petitions done, particularly the We Charge Genocide petition. That is when I started reading works by Du Bois, who covered issues from the Jim Crow era the Civil Rights Movement. I started with The Souls of Black Folk. Around this same time in late August 2019 is when I started writing my own petition on the issue of human rights, genocide, reparations, and prevention and punishment of crimes. I wrote this specifically with the aim of both domestic and international laws as well as both a domestic and international movement and appeal. The petition, also, in addition outlining issues related to the targeting of the black community and crimes by the U.S. government and related entities, included a comprehensive program and suggested solutions for handling reparations, generally, and with regard to specific problems in the black community.

On the weekend of the 14th-15th in September, as I started to get a draft of the petition, I decided to try to contact Antonio Moore of #ADOS. Given that the petition strongly called out U.S. crimes with relation to both international and domestic law, while also including a comprehensive reparations outline, I thought it would be relevant to their movement toward reparations. I was requesting that potentially he could share the information with Yvette and Sandy Darity and see about using the petition to gain leverage with regard to support for reparations. One of the issues at the time was HR 40 – the bill to do a study on reparations – being used as an excuse for candidates who did not truly support comprehensive reparations. In part, I decided to do my work in response to that, to gain an entire outline of the history and issues impacting the black community, as well as the provided solutions. Working with others, I felt the work could have been done a lot faster. The historical and economic points would have, especially, benefited from individuals with experience in economics and history.

I received no response; however, on that Monday, the 19th of September, there was an article released in the Washington Post with Sandy Darity where it was quoted that he was now going to start working with “a dozen black academics and activists” on “the self-titled ‘Planning Committee for Reparations,'” which was “to craft a report that will lay out not only a rationale for why descendants of slaves should be paid reparations but also suggestions for how to implement such a program.” I felt extremely thrown off by the timing of the article, given the work that I was trying to do. I didn’t know whether to feel great that he wanted to do something similar to what I was working on or view the timing and program as suspicious. I had just attempted to email Antonio Moore with regard to doing something very similar, asking him to contact Darity with regard to the issue. On Twitter, both Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore seemed confused and taken off guard by the article.

So, I decided to email Sandy Darity and question him on the issue. I asked him to take a look at the work I had done and asked him about the makeup of his committee and recommendations to be made about who would be on it. I also questioned if he had been in contact with Antonio or Yvette with regard to the issue. He responded that he was not working closely with Tone on the issue, implying that he was only working with his circle of “academics” and not “activists” and that the committee had been planned months ago but only publicly announced the day before.

This being seen by myself as an initial failure on my part to organize a widespread initiative on the issue, I was rather distraught and slightly bothered by the way the situation felt almost in reaction to what I was trying to do.

This being late 2019, however, and with the #ADOS Conference 2019 scheduled for the 4th-5th of October, I was cool with waiting for the conference to see what was going to be laid out by the leaders. I was seeing this as the moment where things would get serious. The tickets to the conference were sold out; however, it was available to stream online. This still being around a busy time for me, I was able to stream online in pieces and see the major portions of the conference, which had incredible energy but held a confusing position with regard to the main strategy of voting Democratic down-ballot and the other being a “takeover” of groups like the N.A.A.C.P.

Knowing that this was not a great strategy – even remotely – I was left disappointed, again. I did, however, apply for the N.A.A.C.P. and continued to try to connect with the Facebook group. From Facebook and Twitter, as well as Google, I became familiar with local #ADOS chapters starting to form in cities. Not being from a major city, it makes it extremely difficult for me to be involved with the stuff popping up in major cities, but I was willing to see what was going on and if it was something with which I could help. But, again, there came an issue. At that point, I was continuing my reading with Black Reconstruction after finishing The Souls of Black Folk. I was also watching Yvette’s videos and interacting with the Facebook page. After one video, however, I got heated with Yvette’s response to a question of what was the very questionable strategy of voting down-ballot for Democrats. I took that frustration to the Facebook group and had a back-and-forth with a moderator about how questionable the strategy and #ADOS leadership’s action program and organizing strategies as a whole were. Although I was distrusting of it, I was willing to look take some of what was said about the local chapters seriously and connected with some individuals heading local movements in my state.

Knowing that I could not join a local chapter and regularly participate if it was an hour or more away from where I live, I decided to ask if I could start something where I live. Originally, one of my questions was with regard to what exactly Yvette and Tone were doing to help facilitate the creation of local chapters to ensure that they were properly proliferating and keeping a serious and provably reliable strategic effort. It was said, at that point, people were organizing independently and echoing some of what was said by Yvette, specifically, that it was a leaderless movement and not an organization.

After that conversation, within the next day, without being contacted by anyone, there was a statement put out by a group connected with #ADOS either by (or said to be by) Sandy Darity saying that they were starting a qualification so that any local #ADOS chapters would have to apply and meet a set of standards with regard to agreement with a core leadership in order to be considered “official”, citing the movement taking off and people who might try to start chapters.

This, again, given that it happened immediately following a conversation that I had, hit me as being suspicious and strange. It bothered me given how directly related it was to the conversation I had just had, so I decided to question what was going on. Afterward, the statement was pulled back; however, in my questioning the contradictory points coming from leadership and what exactly was going on, I was banned for a week from the Facebook group.

Around this time, potentially, and afterward, I made several attempts to contact the Bernie Sanders campaign. I had been extremely critical of the campaign – and I have been ever more critical since the 2020 election became an even more disastrous repeat of 2016 – because of their lack of seriousness and working ultimately for the mainstream establishment that they pretended to oppose. This frustration mainly came from my understanding and following of the 2016 election that saw Bernie ultimately endorse Hillary in a way that saw him abandon a lot of his promises and commitments to both his supporters and the movement they help build. There was also abandonment and disregard for the actions and views of a lot of core supporters, including the effort to go after the D.N.C. A lot of this happened around the convention, and especially following the death of Seth Rich.

Despite all of these issues related to Bernie’s campaign, I still reached out to the campaign in an attempt to get them to work on the issue of reparations and a black agenda. They were not for this any more than they were, at any point, for developing a winning strategy and trying to actually defeat either Trump or the “establishment” as a whole.

I continued working and reading. I eventually started on what is now a part of the Timeline on Violence after being inspired by a Twitter post in late October coving other racial riots in response to discussions of the Tulsi Riot. This led to November with me following with 20th Century Targeting, which was on black leaders targeted by McCarthyism and COINTELPRO, as well as led to the Historical Sources & Notes, which was first related to my petition/outline.

During my time working on these projects, I found a video on YouTube proposing a group for black Americans to petition the United Nations called We Charge Colonialism. This was, again, something that I was already working on having been influenced, myself, by We Charge Genocide to start my petition related to human rights violations, constitutional violations, and the genocide conventions. At this point, I thought I might see if I could join, given that I’ve already started a petition on this issue and finally get some help.

Still remaining a part of the #ADOS group, I joined We Charge Colonialism, started by Tierney Sheree/Afrikan Esquire. This was in November of 2019.

As what was essentially a founding member of the group, it was initially promising, from the perspective of dealing with a range of individuals who could help with everyone working toward the exact same goal. There seemed to be a plan to reach out to the same individuals and organizations I was already wanting to myself reach out to when I started my work and was attempting to connect with Darity and #ADOS. There was a very great first interview with Jared Ball, for whom I have a lot of respect, and there was an agreement in joining Ajamu Baraka’s Black Alliance for Peace, connecting with The Real News Network, and so on. However, the number of missteps that were already taking place from the beginning in terms of organizing, messaging, strategy, education, and drafting of an actual petition, etc., would eventually take its toll. The amount of work that I had to do individually was tremendous. All of the work I mentioned above with my petition, which I did alone, I was still working on while being a member of the group, and I offered it to be appropriated for use by the group. I was doing photo editing for images and logos. I was giving all of my pre-planned social media posts, which I’m now using for the social media of this site. I was helping keep up posts on the Facebook page and offering to do social media management. I built the website with no help at the time. All this and more, plus I was still reading and studying on a daily basis.

Eventually, there was a growing divide in underlying sentiment, where I felt that there needed to be a significant sense of urgency and seriousness taken with regard to the situation, well before knowing about, and not expecting, that economic collapse and COVID-19 would come as quickly as it did. I knew in my mind that we didn’t have much time for something like this to happen, but I had no clue something like this would hit and massively threaten lives and well-being on, potentially, an exponentially greater scale, this soon and so rapidly. The already existing tactics of mass incarceration, state violence, conditions of poverty, drugs, abortions, discrimination, and lack of civil and political rights – overall, the human rights situation in America – was already enough to push a sense of urgency.

In addition to the continual attitude and sentiment of not really taking the situation with the same level of urgency and seriousness, and not really respecting the authority of astuteness related to the amount of work I put in studying these issues, there was also the issue of there being no organizational, chain of command, communication, and leadership skills. There were constantly horrible decisions being made without any consulting and communication. And, there were paths being taken with regard to research and strategy with no regard for a good or bad idea, historical context, rational decision making, or reality. I eventually, given the sense of urgency, despite not wanting to do so initially, had to get more serious and unapologetic in cracking down on what was happening.

What seemed to be more of an issue below the surface, which is a primary issue generally, is that given the conditions of socio-economic devastation in the black community and the connection between that status and success within what is a white supremacist system in America, there tends to the absence of a connection between particular individuals and particular situations. There are those with first-hand experience and who are familiar with poverty, drugs, violence, lack of educational opportunities, etc., who never escape that hostile environment. On the other side, there are those who find shelter in academia and/or conformity to the system in some other way, despite where they are from. As well, there are those who come from backgrounds entirely disconnected, especially by being from elite and/or professional backgrounds, immigrant experiences, etc. With younger generations especially, the likelihood drops dramatically in getting someone to have both a background that reflects the more common black experience along with an intellectual background. You can build an organization around that people with that experience, as there are plenty; however, with this group, there was no pursuing that, and the group was very off-putting to that perspective. It becomes difficult at that point to represent black Americans at that point, as we often see with other individuals and groups who fail to properly represent the ideas and interests of the black American community, either by cooning/being sellouts or otherwise.

Given the makeup of the group, by that time, one member had already quit; and after an entire rush of trying to censor and remove me from platforms (Facebook – where I was the major contributor; and the website – which I built by myself) my hand was forced, and I followed my better judgment by quitting the groups and making it clear that I had to do all of this on my own, which seems to be all that will happen. The last string of events was over the issue of the proposal – again with no communication, questioning, or consulting – to no longer go to the international level but to go through an already rejected domestic pathway (I extensively cited court cases, decisions, and historical actions, as well as extensively cited international legal standards showing this to be a complete farce). After, keeping it a little too real (in the language department) for people who obviously do not come from that background and had little to regard for any codes of conduct when dealing with others, that was the end of that.

This leads to the end of January 2020. Getting to the point of basically finishing my petition, without it being checked for errors, etc., I worked to get finished what I could. This is given that all of this was being done with no assistance. I did what I could and emailed an urgent complaint to the Human Rights Council. In addition to the basic complaint form, the issues expressed in my petition on this site and what has been expressed in the History of Black Liberation and Colonization – plus other documents – were included as attachments. That was around the 25th. The next week, on the 28th, I made the purchases for the domain and hosting to start my own website and setting up all of my social media pages and advertising.

Coronavirus – COVID-19

In the midst of this, I was working so hard on this stuff that I missed the news coming out of China related to this new coronavirus and COVID-19. I also missed what was called the first case in the United States, for which the patient was said to have landed around January 15th. The case was confirmed on the 21st.

I heard some of the news related to the virus through February, but I was working extremely hard getting the website established and all of the information from my projects to the website. I was a big critic speaking out against what happened in 2016 with Bernie Sanders and the connected issue with blaming Russia (as briefly discussed above). I knew a lot of that was a front for various things, including a serious attack on alternative media and dissenting opinions. I was pushing to run an advertising campaign on Facebook when I came to realize how much Facebook actually required to run an ad on any post dealing with “social issues” even if not directly political, such as what I was trying to share with my Timeline of Violence. When the ad was rejected around February 10th, I was being required to provide my photo I.D., to provide and verify my address and phone number; and eventually, after providing the other information, I was requested to go further and had to provide an affidavit, notarized by a notary public. This was all required in order to get approved to run these types of ads, which would include most (if not all) of the content related to my website.

It was already mid-February when I started providing information, and despite at various points questioning whether or not I should actually go through with providing the level of information that I ended up providing along the way, I got the affidavit done on February 20th, which was the last document/verification.

The next week was the last week of Black History Month, and I was getting worried about getting all of my projects done, specifically, this project on Breaking the Ideology of Separation Versus Integration, which covers the entire history of contentions between black leaders, the historical context, the ideas, and relation to white supremacy.

I started hearing more about COVID-19; however, working tirelessly on my webpage, I was only following information from others and mainstream media. There were at that point, no cases in the state where I live, and there were only a few cases in all of the United States. It had yet to be announced as having spread locally (happened Feb. 26), there were no deaths (happened Feb. 29), and the situation was downplayed at the time (until a national emergency was declared on March 13th).

However, on Saturday, February 28, I would become sick with symptoms very similar to the COVID-19. It started on that day, where I started to feel a tickle in my throat. Over the next couple of days, I would experience a fever that went over 103°F. I would experience moderate aches but fairly extreme chills. The fever I experienced came and went, lasting several days, until eventually dropping below 100°F and going away by the end of the week. After the first day or so, I developed a dry cough, but I did not get a secondary infection, pneumonia, or any respiratory issues. I feel that the way that I was able to utilize home remedies helped me – I did not go to the hospital.

I will outline some of the remedies I used here. This is in addition to the obvious self-quarantining, handwashing, rest, etc.

On the first signs of a tickle in my throat, I gargled with both warm salt-water (during the day) and antiseptic mouthwash (at night/next morning) to clear any bacteria/virus possible from the starting point. Over the time of being sick, I could clearly feel the working down from higher up in my throat, down toward my chest and lungs. I feel the gargling upon initially feeling symptoms helped. In addition, I also never developed a sore throat, as has been reported with some individuals.

I initially took acetaminophen (Alka-Seltzer Cold/Flu), against any sore throat or flu and cold-like symptoms, which I initially expected (both the first night and in the morning). After suffering from high fever and chills, I eventually was recommended and took ibuprofen (Advil Liquid-Gel Minis). The latter was the biggest help for fever, chills, and aches. There were strange recommendations – without any major study or evidence – against taking ibuprofen; however, it helped me. *To note*, as with taking any medication, this should always be done with regard to an individual’s medical history and conditions. One night, after thinking the fever was going away, I tried to risk not taking one of the Advils. During that night and at other points prior to taking the medication to lower fever, I got so hot that I became disoriented. At one specific point, I almost passed out and became nauseated while trying to go back and forth to the bathroom, but I was eventually able to take off some clothing to cool down and was able to rest for a moment enough to take another pill, which brought me back to normal.

Throughout, I made sure to drink plenty of water. I tried as much as possible to consume foods and drinks with high levels of vitamin c and that are either anti-inflammatory or that are known to not cause problems with inflammation.

In addition to utilizing cough drops, along with the rest, I took Epsom salt baths. This helped with aches and pains, and I was primarily using the steam and oils, menthol, etc., to help prevent any cough and ultimately congestion.

After about a week I started feeling a lot better. By then, however, overall in the U.S., we were already starting to experience significant changes to the situation – especially in terms of information coming out about the situation. The economy and stock market starting dropping tremendously.

While sick, the first case of suspected local transmission and the first reported death happened – that was the 26th and 29th respectively. On the 3rd of March, the CDC lifted restrictions for testing the virus.

The overall timeline and actions raise serious questions. These will be discussed below

The narrative has this coronavirus starting November-December (roughly – December in a lot of mainstream, U.S. reports) in China with reports citing a food market in Wuhan (a lot of the subsequent reports, especially from those outside of the mainstream, U.S. narrative questioned the market as the source). There were subsequent individuals sounding an alarm of sorts about a potential SARS-like virus causing similar symptoms. This included a medical professional who would be contacted regarding his actions potentially breaking laws and causing a huge stir over the issue – he eventually died and there were calls to start an investigation. Later reports would say that the virus originated in bats and potentially an intermediate carrier to humans (more on this later).

Late December, looking at the 31st, was when the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) said there were cases of “pneumonia of unknown cause” in China. The first reports of death were from January 11th.

Surrounding the time of the first U.S. case, 21st, on the 23rd and 30th, there were reports of lockdown in Wuhan with aggressive Chinese measures to contain, followed by a W.H.O. declaration of a global health emergency. There have been questions about China handling the issue; however, China handled the issue, and now it is the U.S. and other places overtaking in deaths and cases, even despite the U.S. issues with testing. If anything, regardless of it even being said to come out of China, after China reacted strongly first, the U.S. already had the example of China, at a minimum, to then seriously handle the situation.

Back to late February and early March in the U.S., there was a growing number of cases, which corresponded to the increased testing and finding individuals not connected to travel. It was originally reported that the virus was coming out of China, with no to little cases spread across the U.S. This was the case when I got sick. I always wash my hands, I’m extremely sanitary (as you can get without O.C.D.), I try to work out/exercise, stay away from unhealthy foods, etc., and I rarely get sick, especially with an extreme fever. So, taking basic precautions to avoid basic illness, I was not ready for something like this coronavirus and COVID-19 with the public information and media saying there were not any cases anywhere near where I live, and that there were low cases in the U.S. overall. It was called a public health emergency; however, that was mainly tied to those restrictions that were put in place surrounding travel and China, where they said the virus was coming from. That, at the time, would have seemed enough, if things were as reported.

However, as has since been reported, a major fact was the CDC’s failure to provide widespread and accurate testing. In addition to not either producing or obtaining tests, there were limits place on testing. Despite the lifting of certain restrictions, these obstacles still have not fully lifted.

Following the attempts at stabilizing the economy and anticipation of the economic issue to come, now that testing was starting to be somewhat available, Trump declared a national emergency on March 13, with the CDC warning against large gatherings on the 15th. On the 17th there were reports in all U.S. states of confirmed cases.

The situation had China reporting no new domestic infections on March 18, but the situation was very rapidly escalating in the U.S., including at all levels of government, down to state and local, which took extreme measures of quarantining and putting large sections of the economy on hold. Yet, despite still having an issue with tests, the quick escalation led to the U.S. having more known cases than any other country by the end of March (currently).

How could this be? How could the richest and most powerful country in the world go from a pre-warning to the highest number of cases? Let’s look at some of the events.

In addition to the CDC totally dropping the ball with testing, there was also questionable information related to wearing masks, and despite knowing the asymptomatic individuals could pass the virus, there was a push to downplay how big of an impact those individuals had or could have in spreading the virus. These facts worked to entirely erase any potential evidence for outbreaks and sources of outbreaks in the U.S., as well as any true data on the situation with the virus in America. A Chinese official charged the U.S. with bringing the virus to China. In his tweet, he related it to military games held in Wuhan in October of 2019 (October 18-27).

Showing up around mid-2019, there was also a spike in the number of cases of pneumonia in the U.S. It was said to peak in September. Unlike in China, there were no doctors taking this mysterious health impact as being related to a new virus. Instead, in the U.S., this was blamed on vaping. It is interesting to note that it has also been recently reported that vaping can exacerbate the impact of this coronavirus.

According to certain articles, there was not a similar rate or connected sickness from vaping last year when America saw its problem. It also has to be considered that particularly a rise in flu and pneumonia in the U.S., including deaths, and especially with older individuals, could have gone unreported due to diagnosis and guidelines or simply reported but attributed to flu, pneumonia, or related complications. Anecdotally, there have been several individuals where I live, including family members, who have been contracting illnesses with similar symptoms, while testing negative for the flu. This has mostly been mid-age and younger, and a lot recovered. There have also been similar stories of individuals that I have read about online. To reiterate the point, once coronavirus testing was at least somewhat available individuals were still denied testing despite going to the doctor’s office and/or emergency room with symptoms similar to COVID-19. This seems to have been a widespread occurrence across the country.

Even USA Today, when “fact-checking” claims about earlier cases in the U.S. concluded that more evidence was needed. A lot of evidence, particularly due to the impossible level of incompetence and failure displayed by the C.D.C., which points to intentional behavior, has been washed. So, many more people could have been warned about the virus, spreading the virus, and cases of the virus, if measures that already existed with other countries, could have been implemented in the U.S.

There were reports concerning the intelligence communities’ involvement in monitoring the situation that starting coming out way after the fact – or, at least, to the mainstream public. Certain warnings to committees, for example, led to the selling of stock by some in Congress. There were also significant reports made concerning white supremacist groups being involved in spreading the virus, well before the general population was even aware of and/or concerned with the issue. Warnings surrounding these issues would be automatically expected in any society looking to protect its citizens. For example, one of the intelligence reports about white supremacist plans for spreading the virus came from February 17-24, which happens to be just one week prior to when I became sick and started developing symptoms. If the intelligence community knew of this and the coronavirus from the beginning, reporting on the issue could have caused more serious vigilance on the part of myself and others.

The economy was mentioned above, and that definitely serves as a domestic indicator pointing to suspicious timing. There was the stock market falling and the subsequent slowing down of the economy, a loosening of the federal reserve to quantitative easing and initiation of a bailout plan with the federal government stepping in with the largest in history (larger than the one Obama had following 2008 collapse – where he was recommended to get more), etc.

Another strange timing issue is with the rigging of the primary against Bernie Sanders and the surprising (or not so surprising) “miraculous” comeback that Joe Biden was enjoying contradicting history on how presidential primaries usually advance.

There were also reports that came out in 2017 concerning the re-opening of studies on viruses to make them more contagious and infectious. A scientist, by The New York Times, was quoted as warning that the studies “have given us some modest scientific knowledge and done almost nothing to improve our preparedness for pandemics, and yet risked creating an accidental pandemic.”

Other reports went against ideas of this virus being created and spreading in a Chinese lab; however, important factors are ignored, such as the fact the study cites rather nonsensical conjecture about the nature of how viruses can and would be manipulated. It mentions natural selection, as opposed to computer-aided genetic engineering, when the genetic mutation of viruses can very effectively be facilitated in a lab, and such manipulation is extremely consistent with previous research into how biological weapons containing viruses were generated as far back as the 50s. The location and type of bats known to have coronavirus that can mutate into something like SARS was known from the research on SARS. SARS and similar viruses were available, as well, for study, even if not used as the basis for the new coronavirus. Another thing is the mentioning of coronaviruses existing that do not become infectious in humans. That is known, and it is known as being the case with other viruses, as well as it is known that with the mutation of viruses, it can, or even more often than not, produce a negative effect, not an effect of becoming a stronger, more infectious, and more contagious virus, particularly to humans.

All of what would be necessary for the coronavirus causing COVID-19 to have arisen other than what was given as the “official” narrative was shown and cited. What I don’t think was cited was another study on coronavirus related to SARS showed potential for human infection. The report denying the plausibility of an alternative basically came down to what was “parsimonious” in the minds of those behind the study. The necessary scenarios for a lab situation were said to be “not previously…described”, but depending on the nature of the work, such as top secret, intelligence or military-related projects, the work might be expected to not be reported and kept “top secret/classified”.

There is also the issue of location and transmission, as well as the virus itself. The Wuhan-based virologist Shi Zhengli, who worked to discover bats with SARS related viruses, initially was confused by the events in China. When contacted about the situation, she stated that she “never expected this kind of thing to happen in Wuhan, in central China.” She also said that she wondered if the virus “could…have come from our lab?” The labs located in Wuhan close to where the outbreak was and said to have originated at a marked fueled the theories behind this being a case of a bioweapon and escape from a Chinese lab (the theory rejected by the above-mentioned study). The “bat women” as she is called – from her experience studying the issue related to SARS – saw the greatest risk for a new outbreak in areas of Guangdong, Guangxi, and Yunnan, which are located quite a distance from where the outbreak took place and was mostly isolated to in Wuhan. Another issue was the reports, including one that was criticized and withdrawn stating similarities between HIV and Ebola, also claiming (in the withdrawn report) that opposite of the conclusion of the above report rejecting lab scenarios and seeing natural occurrence and transmission as the only plausible, saying instead that the nature of the virus in connection to those other viruses were suspiciously coincidental.

Even beyond the historical examples of the U.S. dealing with biological weapons, including the suspicion surrounding HIV, Ebola, cancer, etc., the complete lack of serious response to this coronavirus in the U.S. is a problem. It also does not help that groups along with Bill Gates and his foundation were involved in Event 201 in October 2019 in prep for a pandemic.

Regardless of how the virus emerged, the U.S. government and mainstream media’s narrative needs to be questioned. The circumstances that I started with at the beginning of my mission to establish an agenda to counter capitalist and white supremacist interests and institutions – within the U.S. and globally – has totally changed following the events and current reality I described above.

Summary of the series: what was learned and can be applied today?

This became a long blog post on my own personal path, as well as coronavirus/COVID-19, but I wanted to only do a basic summary for the Breaking the Ideology of Separation Versus Integration series. I will still to that below, and I will likely break down this larger blog post into more digestible articles. I felt, however, that doing this blog style post would allow for more context to the situation and show how dramatically things changed and impacted me personally surrounding the time of me working on this series.

Here, I will briefly discuss some of the tactics that can be utilized by the black community based on the series. This will serve as the summary of the series.

Starting out a major tactic is internationalism – but not based on separatism. A pan-Africanism is fine, but it will not suffice to say either that we need a back-to-Africa movement or that some other nonexistent land exists in the U.S. or elsewhere. It will also not suffice to alienate or reject whites entirely. This was shown in the analysis of the failures and white supremacist tendencies going back to the American Colonization Society, with Garvey and up to the Nation of Islam, and both W.E.B. Du Bois and Malcolm X showed precisely the methods and approach to connecting with global leaders and all individuals – regardless of race/background – as long as they share a common interest and agenda.

Following this, a tactic is the petitioning of international bodies, such as the U.N./H.R.C. and other governments and citizens of the world in an appeal for support against the human rights violations impacting black Americans. This has to be done in addition to the civil rights and domestic activism focused on constitutional rights and violations of the U.S. law. The importance of an effort like this was recognized both by previous generations and again with Malcolm’s attempt to take the issues to the U.N. It is especially an important effort given the fact that black Americans do not have a state or army of their own. Along with international tactics, especially with regard to anti-imperialism, defending states against U.S. sanctions and coups against their leaders is vital.

In addition, this requires a complete rejection of all efforts to weaponize tactics of legislation against the black community, particularly the limiting of rights or sparking violence or death. That means being completely advocates of all amendments that protect rights to bear arms, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, etc. That means going against methods of censorship and condemnation of alternative media, regardless of the source. Only disinformation or false information should be attacked. All ideas, theories, opinions, and open conversations need to be welcomed. Facts need to be obtained, education needs to be proliferated, and our own ideas and arguments need to be strong. This also means going against injustices including abortion, the death penalty, laws that will cause increased imprisonment, discrimination, policing, attacks and attempts to weaponize public assistance and government aid, etc. The outline of targeting in my petition serves as a guide.

Radicalism by the way of anti-capitalism and anti-imperialism is an obvious element to any genuine movement. Basic tactics involved in this – insofar as any strategy can be drawn – is with regard to the rejection of any seeming alliance with capital or white supremacy. This can often be considered simply selling out in a certain context, but it is deeper than that. That is what was shown by Du Bois getting caught up with the N.A.A.C.P. and with warnings from those like Monroe Trotter, even as was seen in the failures and strategy of the Civil Rights Movement with the Big Six and the limiting of Martin Luther King, Jr. And, as Dr. King realized, there must be an analysis, connection, and rejection, of U.S. imperialism aimed at those going through similar situations of colonization and violence. In practice, this means using the old communist tactic of when there should be an association with other socialist or social democrats/democratic socialists as they may be called – there is no collaboration with these people if they team with the white supremacist establishment. Far-right/liberals are an automatic no.

As outlined by Du Bois, this means in policy and voting, we need to be supporting socialist ideas and working-class interests. It means supporting the poor and disenfranchised. It means the same automatic disqualification to both the Democratic and Republican Parties. There should be the support of independent and third parties in national elections and in local elections as much as possible. No person should get a vote without supporting reparations and tangible policy that supports the direct interests of the black community.

Local organization with national coordination is a must. That means groups need to be build and work locally but communicate tactics, ideas, programs, and any other relevant information to each other across the country. As a part of this guns for self-protection should be promoted, as was promoted by every civil rights leader in the history of the U.S. but particularly as was shown by Robert F. Williams. Gun rights, as with voting rights, must be defended for everyone. The rights of those held by mass incarceration and victims of state violence and racist policy should be defended. Those individuals should have voting and gun rights automatically restored upon release from prison/jail. Gangs, where gangs exist, and all youth, must be organized and revolutionized to political interests. The same applies to those in prison. There must be a call for community control of legal issues and policing concerning our communities – whether this means community policing or whatever else. Educational programs must be set up to teach black history, aid math skills, literacy, intellectual and political engagement, etc. This has to be done regardless of schools if it cannot be done within schools. Businesses and community control over resources should also be pushed. Coordinating to provide housing, food, clothing, healthcare, etc., are all options to benefit the community.

A word with regard to nonviolent direct action and boycotting. During the Civil Rights Movement, nonviolent direct action and boycotts were used to get some specific gains against Jim Crow. This was for two reasons: 1) the non-essential nature of Jim Crow with regard to capital and white supremacy – Jim Crow actually created a perception problem for the way the ruling-class and U.S. government was viewed by the rest of the world; 2) by being direct action and organized boycotts. The former could come into question, at a time, when, e.g., ending Mass Incarceration, etc., is acceptable to white supremacy/capital. However, the lesson learned from the Civil Rights Movement is that the key is the transition to what is next. You need to build strong organizations. And, you need to control the outcome of the situation. Direct action was successful mainly from being just that. If you are looking at buses, restaurants, pools, theaters, schools, etc., just attending or conducting sit-ins can directly address that problem. If you are told not to join, attend, sit, etc., simply doing those things creates movement around the conflict, while also directly achieving your goal in the act. The added element of nonviolence creates a moral high ground absent having to make a justification argument for self-defense. Boycotting tends to work when coordinated exists on a large scale. The same would be the case for other forms of direct action like strikes. The most effective, with all, is where there is a direct achievement within the action. For example, if there is a goal against/for college education, occupation of areas might be a form of action; however, not paying for the school in protest of college not being free and public, while occupying classrooms and carrying out educational programs in massive coordination, while resisting police crackdowns, might be better. As is the case, generally, being subject entirely to the response of others is never a good position to be in. That is why other tactics designed to gain power help the entire situation.

That concludes my thoughts on these issues other than pointing out that things are increasingly getting worse and worse and faster and faster. If there needs to be coordinated action, sooner is better than later. And education and coordination is the key.

Austin Mayle

Austin Mayle

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